October 4, 2016 – Out of Office

Good morning,

As you can see, I am “out of the office” for the day!  I will be in training Tuesday, October 4, 2016.  Please be good for the substitute.  Remember our class rules and expectations.  You should be on-task at all times!


All Courses

  • Open a new Google Doc or a new document in Microsoft Word or hand-write your response on notebook paper
  • Respond to this prompt:
    • Your uncle has given you an Anti-Lazy (“AL”) Robot for your birthday. Forget sitting on the couch while you order your robot around: AL only works when you do! If you take a break, the robot shuts down. When you start working again, it powers back up.AL can help you with just about anything, but it cannot do things for you. For example, it can’t do all the dishes, but it can help you dry or put them away. It won’t do your homework, but it can help you figure out a hard math problem. Think of three chores or projects you and your robot could team up on. Describe how you will work together and what each of you will do to accomplish those three tasks.
  • Submit your response to the turn-in bin (either handwritten or printed)

Principles of Information Technology

  • Login to Schoology > Week 7
  • Open Intro to Business Letters.pptx
  • Open and print the Intro to Business Letters Worksheet
  • Use the PowerPoint to fill in the blanks on the worksheet
  • If you finish early, you may continue on through the Week 7 folder
  • Exceptions:
    • Camden, Vladdy & Jesse – Please continue working on your Beginner Typing lessons in www.typing.com
      • All Beginner lessons should be completed before moving onto this week’s assignments

Business Management

Business Law

  • Login to Schoology > Week 7
  • Complete the Court System assignment
  • If you finish early, you may start the Court System game.

Forensic Science

  • Login to Schoology > Week 7
  • Download and print two copies of the Forensic Files graphic organizer
  • Watch the two episodes of “Forensic Files” and complete one graphic organizer for each
  • If you finish early, continue Case Four:  Bitter Pill in CSI:  Web Adventures.

Money Matters

Computer Programming

  • Check your email

A/V Production

  • Get your folder out of the file cabinet
  • Login to Schoology > Week 7 folder
  • View sample shape videos
  • Complete your script that you’ve been working on

Please email me at tracey.jefferson@nisd.net if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great day,


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